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How to Shop Mindfully This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for celebration, relaxation and mindful and sustainable gift giving.

Jessica Harumi
2 min, 34 sec read

This time of year there is often an emphasis on overconsumption, with holiday sales announcements and limited time deals everywhere you look. It’s important to remember that this season is not made special by the material things but the traditions we honor and the people we get to share them with. Some of the most meaningful moments can be found just taking time at home or with loved ones to relax, reflect and reset before the new year. This is also an invitation to create a more mindful and intentional holiday season with a few simple tips.

Jessica Harumi wearing Pip Sweater in Ecru by Untouched World.

Tip #1: Do an inbox audit.

This time of year, our inboxes are overflowing with gift guides, last minute holiday shopping deals and shiny new things. While these newsletters can be an easy way to keep up with your favorite brands, they can also influence unnecessary purchases. That’s why this is the best time of year to do an inbox audit. Take the time to sort through your current brand newsletter subscriptions. Update your information so that any brand newsletters that currently go to your work email are redirected to a personal email address. Unsubscribe from any email newsletters that you’re not interested in receiving anymore. Make an effort to ensure that any important correspondences aren’t lost in an array of sale announcements. This one simple task will greatly reduce the chances of any impulse purchases and ensure a tidy inbox for the new year.

Tip #2: Consider alternative gift giving.

There are so many ways to get creative with gift giving this season while embracing a more sustainable approach. Consider gifting experiences rather than physical objects, such as a homemade meal, a personal tour of your favorite places around town. Giving the gift of togetherness is an opportunity to create lasting memories with the ones you love. Another alternative gift idea is thrifted and secondhand gifts, such as homeware, artwork or books. If you have a unique skill or craft, consider sharing it with others for a unique and one of a kind handmade gift. Sewn clothing, baked goods, ceramics, and anything else you can make with your hands truly shows just how much you care. And if you have time for a bit of pre-planning, consider a gift giving game where each person in a group is assigned one person to give a gift anonymously, within a predetermined price range. This means there is less pressure to find something for everyone and more time to focus on one really special gift.

Tip #3: Spruce up your sustainable gift wrap.

If you want to bring your gifts to the next level, consider a sustainable gift wrapping method, such as a decorative silk scarf or fabric. Reuse packaging such as shipping boxes, dust bags, jewelry boxes and kraft paper. Decorate with a handmade stamp, repurposed ribbons and sprigs of seasonal plants. Skip the traditional wrapping paper, which is not only wasteful but also extremely harmful to the environment, and opt for a recyclable or reusable alternative this year.

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