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Yes, we really do offer flexible pricing.

Pay-It-Forward Pricing

COMING in 2024

We all know it costs a little more to care for people and the environment but that doesn’t mean responsible fashion shouldn’t be accessible to all budgets. Sellery brands strive to ensure worker rights, health and safety, and use of materials and processes that are the most ethical and environmentally responsible in the industry. While most people care about these issues, often our budgets prohibit shopping in line with these values. Sellery addresses this with Pay-It-Forward Pricing (PIF), which allows those who can afford to invest in the future of responsible fashion, to offset a portion of the cost for those who otherwise couldn’t afford to shop these brands. This partnership allows us all to do our part to expand the reach of and demand for responsible fashion in the U.S. Join the movement!

PIF Pricing

When you shop Sellery, you choose the price that you can afford.

Real-Time PIF Fund

Pay more than “Fair Price” and see the fund balance increase; Pay less, see the difference deducted, in real time.

Built on Trust

If you use PIF funds, we trust that you need it. Similarly, know that your donation is used only to offset PIF Pricing discounts.

Coming Early 2023

How it works.

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Pay fair price.

It costs a little more to make fashion the right way.

Responsible shopping is good for all. 5
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Take a discount.

We make responsible fashion available on any budget.

Thanks for prioritizing people and planet! 40
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Pay it forward.

Help the next person afford to shop responsibly.

Thanks for increasing accessibility of responsible fashion! 5

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