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On a mission to clothe the U.S. in responsible fashion

Fashion. Needs. Disruption.

The fashion industry is known for its extremely harmful environmental and social impact, fueled by fashion brands who prioritize shareholders’ interests (revenue and profits) over doing the right thing. These brands produce as many items as quickly and cheaply as possible. This results in abuses like low wages and compromised safety of industry workers, as well as excessive waste and pollution of our ecosystems.

We are Disruption.

At Sellery, our ultimate goal is to disrupt the fashion industry by driving broad adoption of responsible fashion in the U.S.

We believe in the brands doing the hard work. We also believe in the power of citizens to drive change. Sellery exists to bring them together and address their barriers to successful disruption as well as address the barriers to an industry in harmony with our planet, its people and animals.

You can be Disruption.

If enough people make the switch to responsible brands, consumer dollars will shift, motivating those “other brands” to make more impactful changes sooner—which is essential! But, we can’t provoke change without YOU!

How can I help the mission?

Shop Responsible Fashion

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When you can afford to, pay-it-forward. When your budget doesn’t allow for it, use pay-it-forward fund to shop responsibly.

How we will achieve this mission

Collectively the following Sellery business practices reduce GhG emissions, water impact, chemical impact, and waste as well as alleviate poverty and discriminations within the fashion industry.

  • Selling products made with responsibly-sourced natural materials, recycled, or upcycled materials.
  • Partnering with brands who focus on the entire lifecycle of the product.
  • Partnering with brands who recognize all ILO Fundamental Principles, demonstrates progress towards 100% living wages throughout their supply chain and whose business model offers equal opportunities for all.
  • Upholding the highest social and environmental standards within our own business operations.

Our Vision

A net-positive global fashion industry, achieving harmony with our planet, its people and ecosystems.

Our Core Values

People and Earth First Having our priorities straight
Integrity Doing the right thing
Fairness Leveling the playing field and ensuring equitable opportunities
Inclusivity Ensuring all feel wanted, valued and respected
Transparency No secrets = trust, motivation, accountability

Our Social Code

Humankind is first and foremost relational. We are intrinsically connected to the life around us, including our fellow humans, but also the creatures and nature around us. Everything we do at Sellery is to provoke harmony, unity and community in those relationships. Here’s how we ask people to show up in our community.

“People” includes our employees, our customers, our business partners, our community, our social media followers, heck even our haters.

  1. We look for the good first.
  2. We are kind and compassionate in our speech.
  3. We search for solutions instead of complaining about problems.
  4. We bring our true authentic selves to all that we do and create the space for others to do the same.
  5. We fill the gap with trust, not suspicion.